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От From 3 mm to 32 mm

When you receive the price-lists from the suppliers pay special attention to the declared weight of one meter of rebar. Quite often rebar is not produced according to the state standard but to the technical requirements of the enterprise. The enterprise in such case understate the diameter. For example, according to the technical standard the thickness of O8 core is 7 mm.

We produce rebar according to both state standard and technical requirements and we honestly tell about it.

* - Wholesale price and dealer price are calculated by our commercial department specialists.

To specify the business terms you can call us +7 (831) 262-14-49, +7 (800) 500-42-94, write an e-mail info@nzkt.ru or order to call you back.

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Performance comparison table

CharacteristicsMetal rebar А-III (А400С)Composite rebar LLC “NZKT”
Material Steel Fiberglass roving, bound by polymer based on epoxide resin
Tensile strength (MPa) 390 1300
Modulus of elasticity (MPa) 200 000 57 000
Elognation (%) 25 2,2
Corrosion resistance to aggressive environment Corrode (showing rust) Do not corrode (non-corrosive material, 1st category of chemical resistance, including alkaline concrete)
Thermal conductivity Thermally conductive Thermally non-conductive
Electric conductivity Electrically conductive Electrically non-conductive (dielectric)
Profiles produced 6-80 3-32
Density (Т/м3): 7,8 2,0
Length Rods 6-12 m At customer’s request
Eco friendliness Ecofriendly No harmful and toxic emissions
Life duration According to constructing regulations Not less than 80 years
Performance under load (stress-strain relation) Curve line with yield strain under load Straight line with linear elastic strain under load to failure
Substitution to rebar (mechanical and physical properties)











Fields of implementation According to constructing regulations Wider implementation fields are possible
Performance of balanced reinforcing mesh at load 25 tn/m2 Rebar 8А-III cell size 14*14 cm., weight 5,5 kg/m2 Rebar 8АСП (fiberglass) cell size 23*23 cm., weight 0,61 kg/m2 weight is 9 times less
Charachteristic Metal rebar A-III (А400С) GOST 5781-82 Non-metallic composite rebar (fiberglass)



Tensile strength three times higher than for metal.

Low weight

9 times lighter than metal counterpart.

Chemical resistance

Non-corrosive, chemically inert.


Rebar is dielectric and does not conduct electricity.

Low thermal conductivity

Thermally almost non-conductive, rebar is not a thermal bypass.