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/ Fields of implementation

Fields of implementation

Composite rebar due to its outstanding performance characteristics can be used for many purposes in modern construction.

  1. 1Industrial and civil construction, road works

Composite rebar is used in industrial and civil construction as flexible connection in stone walls of industrial and agricultural buildings. Moreover, composite rebar is widely used for road works. This material is laid under the asphalt coat, increasing endurance and durability of a road. Also composite rebar is a perfect solution for road fence and pavement construction.

  1. 2Low-height housing construction

Composite rebar is an ideal solution for private house and cottage footing. It can be easily assembled, it has low weight and it will ensure reliability of the footing. This material is used for stay-in-place formwork and cavity brickwork.

  1. 3Concrete constructions

Reinforcement of concrete constructions with composite rebar is viable and cost-efficient. Composite rebar can be used for monolithic foundation, ceiling panels and foam concrete constructions. This rebar has good adhesion to concrete and it makes the construction solider and more durable.

  1. 4Utility lines, engineering constructions and structures

Due to its resistance to aggressive environment and high anticorrosive performance composite rebar is widely used for wastewater disposal systems, agricultural engineering and water disposal. This material is ideal for central heating systems, cable channels and piping systems.

  1. 5Marine and harbor facilities

Composite rebar is resistant to destructive effect of water, even of salty water. That is what makes it a perfect solution for marine and harbor facilities. Besides, this type of rebar is widely used for coast reclamation.

  1. 6Exterior insulation system

Composite rear can be used as a nailing plug for an exterior insulation system in different buildings. Composite rebar is thermally non-conductive and is thus perfect for such purposes.

  1. 7Chemical industry infrastructure

Composite rebar is resistant to acids, alkali and salts and is indispensable for chemical industry infrastructure.

  1. 8Construction in seismically active regions

Tensile strength as well as high elasticity allows to use composite rebar for construction and renovation of different buildings in seismically active regions.

Composite rebar allows to increase significantly the life time of buildings etc. and to economize on renovation and maintenance.

NBRebar is designed according to the same principles as for А III