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About us

We appreciate your time and we do not want to waste it speaking about our company.

Our company exists since 2009. We are the first to manufacture the composite rebar in Nizhny Novgorod region.

Main fields:

1. rebar from Ø3 to Ø32 мм (fiberglass and basalt);
2. production lines (rebar and reinforcing mesh);
3. raw and construction materials.


Our production is manufactured on our own equipment. Every year about 5-7 innovations for the machines design are implemented.

Production capacities: four lines for rebar production and one line for reinforcing mesh production

Working schedule: 24/6.

In 2014 our company started manufacturing of Ø32 mm rebar which allowed us to take part in Moscow metro construction.


Line production time — up to 30 days. With experience of foreign supplies. The equipment is manufactured 24/7 that reduces availability date.

Geography: from Serbia to Vladivostok and from Arkhangelsk to Ulan Bator, 24 cities.

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