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НЗКТ - завод композитной арматуры | Линия для производства композитной сетки, пластиковой и стеклопластиковой арматуры

NZKT - production and service quality

Own production of rebar and mesh
Five lines. Two warehouses in Russia.
Production in accordance with state standards and technical requirements.

When you receive the price-lists from the suppliers pay special attention to the declared weight of one meter of rebar. Quite often rebar is not produced according to the state standard (GOST) but to the technical requirements (TU) of the enterprise. The enterprises in such case often understate the diameter. For example, according to the technical standard the thickness of Ø8 core is 7 mm. We produce according to both state standard and technical requirements and we honestly tell about it.

N. NovgorodManufacturing
980 000 m
Monthly output of fiberglass rebar
Production of lines,
per month
Supply of production lines and rebar
to 65 territorial entities of the RF

During the rise of the dollar rate (winter 2014/2015) metal the price for metal increased by 30 %. Due to the part of the imported raw materials in fiberglass its price increased by 20 %/ But it still remains an economically viable substitution of metal.

Even taking into account the shipping costs and handling operations the full substitution saves up to 50 %. Partial substitution saves about 25 % at an average construction site.

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Bank protection;
with prestressed
and stressed rebar;
Concrete fencing,
kerbstones, stubs
and holding blocks;
Road panels
and flagstones;
and dock-side
of residential and industrial
Rebar is certified in accordance with
TU 2296-001-25664178-2014, GOST 31938-12
Lines are certified by testing
laboratory LLC ProdMashTest